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Accessibility Tips for Poor or no Sound

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Have you ever forgot your headphones, but needed to watch a video in a public, quiet setting? Have you watched TV while you were at the gym or at a restaurant? Captions benefit many people, as well as individuals with limited or no hearing.

Not Everyone can Hear your Podcasts, Video, or Any Other Audio

Don't use videos without captioning. If you use software for automatic captioning, be sure it is right. Here is an example of a message that I received from Google Voice

Corey it's Elizabeth Bathtub incident So I'm a bathroom house. I get better be careful hon.

It should have been

There was a bathtub incident at my house. I better get back to working on it.

It is good for a laugh, but I had no idea what they meant.

Other Audio

Don't notify the user of an event using audio only. There are people that wouldn't hear it.

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